Remote Private Sessions: 1 Hour – $111 / 30 Minutes $60

Cathrine connects with your higher self, as well as your personal team of guides, ascended masters, and angels. She channels information and guidance from these and other higher collectives, to bring forth the highest and most beneficial information for you at this time in your incarnation. The information that comes through pertains to your current life path, the divine blueprint you came in with, and your purpose here on earth.

In addition to channeling information for you prior to the session, as well as in session, Cathrine is very often guided to offer an energetic transmission and activation. She channels Ascended Master Yeshua (Jesus) who works directly with Cathrine as a pure conduit for Christ Consciousness, to generate and transmit crystalline light codes. These codes can activate your crystalline DNA, clear lower vibrational energy/density, clear old patterns that no longer serve you, and help you to align with higher potentials and timelines for the fulfillment of your divine purpose.

Private Session-60 minutes


Private Session – 30 minutes


To Schedule a Private Session : Please contact Cathrine via email: Payments can also be made through Venmo or Zelle once you schedule.

Channelled Meditation/Activation Recording: $65

I channel a 30-40 minute audio recording of a guided meditation and activation specifically for you, based on the personal intention that you set. This recording is a living transmission that is light encoded to evolve along with you. As you repeat the Meditation/Activation, you are likely to find that it not only strengthens what you have already received, but offers new insights and guidance with each listen, meeting you exactly where you are in each now moment.



Additional Information/Services:

Customized Sessions: All sessions can be customized for you depending on your individual needs. In addition to Zoom or Phone sessions, channeling can be provided via email in written format or in a voice recording. Here are some of the different ways I can assist in a session:

Healing session:  As a multidimensional healer, I can assist you with specific physical, emotional, and energetic concerns that may be causing you discomfort or limiting you in some way.  I channel guidance on what might be underlying the condition and what steps you might be able to take to help alleviate or heal the issue.  I can also provide a channeled healing transmission to assist in clearing and re-balancing your energetic field to assist in the healing process (see description below).

Energy Clearing and Re-Balancing: Often included in a healing session, I tune into your energetic field to identify any areas of distortion, density, or imbalance that may be present. With the assistance of the healing guides and Ascended Masters, I work directly with your energetic field through a channelled transmission of light codes, activations, and healing light to help clear density, patterns, and programming that no longer serve you. This energetic transmission can assist in raising your vibration to a new higher range, allowing you to see, understand, and create from new higher perspective. If you are feeling stuck and unable to move forward in fulfilling your heart’s desires or life purpose, this can be very helpful.

General Channelled Q&A: I channel on whatever questions you have about anything. This could be questions regarding a difficulty you are having with in your life currently. It could also be questions related to anything you are just curious about, or interested in learning more about. This could be related to the various spiritual realms, specific beings, previous incarnations, loved ones who have passed on, or other existences you have had in other dimensions/planets/galaxies. The possibilities are endless.