Channeled Messages

4/16/21 What is happening in 2021

April 6, 2021 Communication with Lemurian Crystal

4/6/21 Channeled Message

In this now moment I am anchoring into my divine being. I am attuning my vibration to the highest good for myself and those around me.  I am bringing in lie stream, conductivity, and the focus to streamline and connect with one’s truest vibrational presence.

I am placing divine power and focus on attuning the energy to oneness, and the creation of such. We are divine beings of light. Our focus and intention is one of great purpose. We accentuate and bring forth what we focus on through our awareness and intention.  That focus is powerful. Bring forth the light dear ones and bring forth only what is most important for our ascension into light.  Our inner knowing and beingness guides this process.  Trust it. Love it. Be it.

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