Cathrine Cormin is an intuitive channel and guide.  She is an activator for those who are awakening to the conscious awareness that there is more to life than the 3rd dimensional reality in which most of us have been living.  Whether you are just beginning to awaken, or you are further along in your ascension process, Cathrine can offer divinely guided assistance.

As a pure conduit for Christ Consciousness, Yeshua works through Cathrine to generate and transmit crystalline codes. These codes can help you to re-align with your divine purpose and your soul’s highest calling. During this process, Cathrine calls in the help of your Higher Self, guides, ascended masters, and galactic family to bring forth the highest and best information for you at this point in your incarnation. As she channels this light encoded information, the messages often help increase clarity and understanding of who you really are, and what you came here to do.  In addition, an energetic transmission is offered to facilitate the clearing of patterns that are no longer beneficial, and activate timelines that align with your true purpose.

Cathrine has spent over 20 years fulfilling her passion for helping people, by working as an Occupational therapist and then as a manager of a Physical Therapy practice in a traditional healthcare setting. Although occupational therapy is a very beneficial service, she recognized that she had more to offer than what traditional healthcare would allow.

When Cathrine began her awakening process, over 15 years ago, she became passionate about learning as much as possible about the universe and our true nature as divine beings of light. During this time she developed the ability to channel, and recently gained awareness that she is a conduit for Christ.  Her heart is now aligned with this higher calling.