Soul Alchemy

I recently participated in an event for a new organization of light beings, called Open To Transparency. This event was a Spring Summit in which 10 beautiful souls, each presented a one-hour talk, on “Who I am, and why I am here”.  It was my first experience doing anything like this and it was transformational. 

I have had a significant fear of public speaking, as well as general social anxiety and fear of being seen for who I am, ever since a particular event in my childhood.  I lost a big piece of myself during that event and I have been working to “re-member” who I am, as well as to overcome the fear and anxiety, ever since.  For me to accept this opportunity to get up in front of a live group of people, and speak my truth, was both scary and empowering. It was a moment of soul alchemy.

I learned from my guides that Soul Alchemy is the continual process of evolving to higher and higher levels of consciousness and awareness. This occurs as we raise our vibration (awareness), and begin to reintegrate soul fragments that have been “lost” or have been lying dormant for some time. You might wonder why or how we “lose” them in the first place. Soul fragments can be lost at any point in our current incarnation, or any other incarnation. This typically occurs after a traumatic event. However, we can also lose ourselves through the gradual indoctrination of cultural belief systems. This is the separation paradigm in which we forget our divinity and unity.

As we bring forth soul pieces that are missing, it lifts us up to the next level of beingness, awareness, and connection.   Activations are put into place throughout our incarnation, to help move us along on our path.  These activations ignite the flame in us that seeks to know more.    In that quest to know more, that we re-harvest the parts that are missing to reconnect the soul to its divine awareness and beingness.

Soul alchemy is available to all of us to advance the soul connection.  We alchemize ourselves in every now moment, through our technology, to bring us back online with who we are and who we are becoming.  We integrate back into our wholeness through this process. It allows us to reintegrate the missing pieces into our current soul pattern and create a new and higher version of ourselves than what we were before.

Activations are put into place throughout our incarnation (through the Soul Plan) to assist us with this process.  Our higher self leads the way.  Our higher self lifts us up when we need it most. As we alchemize,  our perceptions of who we are and what we can become also rise to a new and higher level.   We recognize that we can become greater than we were before in every now moment. Truth begins to dawn, as we raise our vibration and awareness to our higher calling. The pathways to this higher calling, then open up. 

With greater awareness comes more soul alchemy and the evolution continues. A divine orchestration takes place to lead us down the best path for us in this now moment.

As the soul emerges from the cocoon, we break free of the harnesses that previously held us back. We reach new heights.  We begin to notice things we were unaware of before.  Previously known quantities no longer apply. The hidden programs disassemble.  They are replaced by new and more beneficial awareness.  We continue this growth over a period of time until we begin to stagnate.  And then the process continues. The higher self brings in a new activation or trigger to ignite more soul alchemy and more remembrance of who we are and what we came to do.   We then ignite this in others.

As I was flying home from this event and integrating all that had happened, I received a download of information from my guides regarding the process of Soul Alchemy.  It is a bit lengthy, but if you have the fortitude to read through it, there are some good nuggets of information.

“Divine inner knowing is interwoven throughout our lives. There is recognition (re-cognition) of ourselves in everyday objects, present moment awareness, and divine interventions that present themselves in our daily existence.  Re-alignment with source takes place through these experiences to help us connect our divine purpose.  We re-align with the truth of who we are, and what we came to accomplish.

Resonating with our divine wisdom is purposeful. It occurs amongst all of us daily. As teachers, guides, and healers, most of us have witnessed what is beyond the light. We incarnated with forgiveness-es (opportunities to let go) implanted within us to be triggered when we are ready. These opportunities to “let go” are present in order for our soul patterns to emerge, egress, and exchange for new higher level growth patterns.  Evolution is always among us, teaching us priorities, and master minding the forgiveness of what seldom makes us happy.  Through forgiveness we leave behind our personal displays of negativity and blindness, allowing for the upheaval of our inner ignorance, and the feeling of being unloved.

Frequency range re-patterning takes place, and precedence, over our past. A willingness to overcome fear, disdain, & distortion resonates with us more than the patterns that held us down.  We fight to extinguish the flames of external authority over ourselves, so that we can re-emerge successfully as beings of light, transmuting and aligning our hearts with the grace and freedom to trust our inner knowing to lead the way home.

Forgiveness and faith go hand in hand as we connect to our highest calling.  Our greatest strength is our inner knowledge of who we once were before committing to this act of bravery to engage here on the earth plane.

Master teachers and guides assist us with our divine plan, orchestrating power points and connections within our energetic field, for the magnetization of our dreams, goals, and highest desires for evolution. In recognizing our divine birthright to receive grace and knowing, we alleviate fear and darkness. We relieve the pressure of outside forces in order to ignite the flame of acceptance, and  inner guidance of truth and light.   This helps us to integrate the highest good into our lives and massively alchemizes us to our higher grace.

As we ascend to higher levels of awareness and divine trust, grace aligns us perfectly to create patterns of rebirth.  Our power ignites us from within to regain conscious awareness of our path and the inner awareness of our team. This aligns us with our hearts, creating new timelines and pathways so that we can create from a higher perspective and level of being.

From this higher vantage point, we engage gracefully through trust and inner knowing that we are all one.  Every single being on this planet creates from within. Recognizing our divine truth is paramount to our creation.

Following our hearts desires creates this ascension, with the assistance of many overseers and guardians who are also aligned. Through our network connections, divine grace intervenes on our behalf, guiding the process of enlightenment, inner grace and knowing.  Thus, bringing forth manifestations of our highest desires through faith and trust. Trust the inner knowing that all that is behind the scenes will work with us, and for us, to align with the greater good.   Trust the inner knowing to reformat and align as grace and divinity prepare the path.  We are all one.

Prepare and lead the way through divine orchestration and grace. Divine knowing and inner wisdom are key components to the success of our divine plan.”

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