Connecting with my Tribe

Playing with crystal energy with my tribe in Sedona, AZ – Photo by Linda Stansberry

Over the years, as I have navigated my ascension timeline, one thing has made itself abundantly clear. Having a “tribe” of people, with whom I can connect on a regular basis, who are also on their ascension path, is extremely helpful. Without a support system of awakened individuals, it is easy to feel lonely and isolated. Especially when you are living and working amongst those with a primarily 3D perspective.

I recently had the opportunity to spend 3 days in Sedona, AZ with 3 members of my soul tribe. We lovingly call ourselves the “Diamond Soul Family.” We met at an expo about a year and half ago and have been meeting weekly, via Zoom, ever since. This weekly connection has been such a tremendous gift. It is a beautiful space to share our thoughts, feelings, and experiences, with nothing but unconditional love, understanding, and compassion reflected back. I look forward to it every week.

The members of our soul family are located in different cities and states, so we don’t often get to meet in person. But when we do, it seems to take our connection to another level. This is especially true, in a sacred location, such as Sedona.

As the 4 of us reconnected, we quickly recognized that we were creating a very high vibrational space. From my perspective we seemed to be creating a container of neutrality, or Zero point, where all things are possible. Within that container, the simple acts of talking, meditating, and connecting with nature allowed us shift, clear, and transmute old patterns and lower vibrational energy. As we allowed ourselves to become vulnerable with each other, sharing our fears, frustrations and concerns, we were able to transmute self limiting beliefs. The result was transcendent.

One morning, as we walked along banks of Oak Creek taking photos, we began to play with a very powerful Lemurian crystal. As we played, we invited the nature spirits, light beings, and elementals to play with us, hoping they would show up in our photos. Not long afterward, we noticed a tremendous amount of light radiating out of the crystal. As we gently turned the crystal, or moved it up and down, the light amplified. It also changed colors, shifting between white, blue, green, gold, magenta, and rose. As we reviewed the photos, we noticed they included orbs with what appeared to be tiny light codes. One even included the face of a light being. We delighted in this like little children. We felt pure joy as we watched the magic unfolding. The experience left us with feelings of bliss and peace that lasted the rest of the day.

Though I am most definitely not one to quote bible verses, as I reflect back on this experience, I am reminded of this one: “When two or more are gathered in my name, there I am among them” From my experience, this most definitely seems to be true. There is power and magic in coming together, and uniting in our intentions with love, compassion, and wonder at what the universe has to offer.

It is a beautiful world we live in with so many magical elements to experience. My hope and wish for each of you is that you find joy, love, support, and magic with your own soul families here on earth. And that you always know you are not alone.

Many blessings.

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